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Verslagje van een fietsliefhebber

Monday, September 8, 2008
After that last year a 7-day cycling have to Normandy we have this year opted for a 4-day cycling with permanent residence in Zutendaal and from here a few trips out to drive. The hotel where we stay is Hotel The Oak in Zutendaal in the province of Limburg.
After a drive of 125 km we arrive around noon to our destination. We are kindly received by our hostess Hilde us directly from the necessary information For our first exploration of the region around Zutendaal "Walk Zutendaal" a trip of about 40 km through the hamlets around Flanders greenest Zutendaal sweet. This first trip was a pleasant introduction to the area, many forests and pedestrian pathways. In the last km was a tough climb "The Devil's Mountain" is one of the steepest slopes of the Maaskant to 10%.

Arriving at our hotel we were on the terrace our first pint (jack) to the inside for us on the room. After a lovely shower, an aperitif and even learned to communicate with the other guests there is a delicious meal prepared by hostess Hilde and her husband Paul.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008
After a good night's sleep, we needed a hearty breakfast, because today, we describe the Meuse-route drive and is about 65 km. The weather gods are today well-because we left around 9:30 the sun is already in the party. This route takes us through the woods of the Campine platform, then to fall to the Meuse valley. Before we reach the Meuse valley bikes we Former Rekem, the most beautiful village of Flanders were worth a visit.

From now on we follow the dikes along the Maas who is the border between Belgium and the Netherlands. We pass through some beautiful villages where there are several nice bike friendly catering business can be found for its thirst to lessons or something nice to eat.

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